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Suresh-Drives is a Govt. registered Luxury Used Car Inspection & Evaluation Service provider based in Kozhikode, Kerala. With years of experience in providing professional car inspection & evaluation services, we ensure that our customers get their money's worth by detecting major flaws that may be missed by untrained eyes. Our 125-point inspection process and experienced professionals guarantee customer satisfaction and eliminate the risk of buying a severely structural damaged or flooded cars. Trust us to provide you with a qualified pre-purchase used vehicle inspection and always steer the wheel of a perfect drive. Please check our Sample Inspection Report, Book for an Inspection Click here

Our client say

Happy Client Feedback

I must say, Suresh Drives is a one-of-a-kind used car consultant, not only in Kerala but in the entire country. He takes used car consulting very seriously and has a handpicked team that shares his skills and values.


Suresh drives helped me inspect my BMW 530d. I strongly suggest to get the car inspected by them if you are planning to buy a used car to avoid surprise service bills after the purchase is made. They also helped me find out all the issues in the car that helps in negotiation as well. The money you spend for inspection will be worth it and the car you buy will give you immense peace of mind if it is a suresh drives certified car.

Kiran Bose

It was a great experience with team who supported me to select a Perfect Car. Now I strongly believe , a team like suresh drives can help the people who live abroad can make their right choices…

jayaram R Nair