Buy a used car with confidence

We have been providing Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection services for many years. Additionally, we conduct Used Car Pre-Sales Inspections and New Car PDI Inspections. Based on the inspection results, we classify used cars according to their quality and provide certifications:

Platinum Certification

  • Signifying zero replacements, a proper company service history, and eligibility for an extended warranty of up to 8 years.

Gold Certified

  • Only nut and bolt replacements are accepted under this certification, such as bumper, hood, doors, fender, boot, radiator support, etc. The vehicle should also meet the parameters for an extended warranty.

Silver Certified

  • The body condition is similar to Gold Certification, but some minor fixes may be required for extended warranty eligibility.

We never certify any car that has undergone structural damage, total loss, or has been affected by floods, etc. All certifications come with our Inspection Report, which details an in-depth report of any hidden work done by outside body shops on the vehicle.

Our Pre-Sales Certification is available for both individual sellers and dealers looking to sell their cars. Additionally, we showcase a video of the inspected car on our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These cars pics are also featured on our website. In the event of a successful sale facilitated by our services, we charge a service fee of 0.5% based on the deal amount.