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We are the only company in India that employs advanced technology tools to identify structural damage in cars and detect those affected by flooding. If you want to learn more, feel free to ask...

Why a Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection is Important?

Many individuals still believe that checking the authorized dealer's service history is sufficient when purchasing a used car from an unknown dealer or a private party. However, the world has evolved significantly in terms of trust in business. Let's examine an advertisement from a well-known body shop company in Kerala.
In this ad, it explicitly states that you can get accident-related work done with them, and such repairs will not be recorded in your authorized service history. Therefore, if your car has experienced structural damage or flooding, there's no need to worry. You can come to us, complete the necessary repairs with a cashless insurance facility, and later sell your car to anyone, showcasing a positive service history with the authorized dealership. This way, you won't incur depreciation losses while concealing the claim. In summary, while authorized dealer service history can be valuable, it should not be the sole factor in making a decision when purchasing a used car. Thorough research, independent inspections, and obtaining comprehensive vehicle history reports are crucial steps to ensure a transparent and informed buying process.

A pre-purchase car scanning allows mechanics to identify potential problems before they become major issues. By catching problems early, car owners can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs down the line, it allows mechanics to identify the issues with the car's engine, transmission, brakes, or other systems quickly and accurately.

We use the world's most advanced OBD scanners, commonly used by professional mechanics

Finding Hidden Accident works with Elcometer 311

By measuring the vehicle paint thickness, the Elcometer 311 Paint Meter identifies hidden damage on a vehicle, which is often not found in authorized dealer's service history. using an Elcometer 311 Paint Meter in a pre-purchase inspection allows you to quickly identify hidden rework, impact damage, respray and filled body panels, which can all affect a car’s resale value.

The digital videoscope is ideal for inspecting difficult-to-reach areas with its semi-rigid flexible 39.4-inch cable, 10-level adjustable LED light, and 70-degree field of view. The 2-megapixel camera captures high resolution (1920 x 1080) stills and videos with 1-button quick image capture and video recording. There are numerous areas in a car where tools cannot reach for cleaning. Inserting a camera into such places reveals evidence of flood effects. As it is one of our inspection secrets, we cannot disclose all the areas where we use it. Additionally, this device comes in handy during on-site inspections where lifts are unavailable for underbody inspections

Evidence of mud as the cause of the flood. A video scope camera can reach anywhere, allowing us to inspect areas that cannot be cleaned properly when workshop personnel attempt to conceal the flood symptoms

Battery Health Inspection

Inspecting the battery of a used car is important for several reasons:

  • 1. Reliability and Performance: The battery is a critical component that ensures the reliable starting of the vehicle. A thorough inspection helps assess the battery's current condition and its ability to provide sufficient power for the car's electrical systems.
  • 2. Preventing Breakdowns: A weak or failing battery can lead to unexpected breakdowns. Regular inspection allows for the early detection of issues, reducing the likelihood of being stranded due to a dead battery.
  • 3. Longevity of the Battery: Understanding the current state of the battery enables owners to take preventive measures and address potential problems. This can contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the battery.
  • 4. Assessment of Charging System: The battery inspection often includes an evaluation of the charging system, including the alternator and voltage regulator. A properly functioning charging system ensures the battery remains charged and operational.
  • 5. Preventing Damage to Other Components: A malfunctioning battery can adversely affect other electrical components in the vehicle, such as the starter motor and alternator. Regular inspections help identify and address issues before they cause damage to other parts.
  • 6. Optimizing Fuel Efficiency: A well-maintained battery contributes to the overall efficiency of the vehicle's electrical system. This, in turn, can positively impact fuel efficiency.
  • 7. Cold Weather Performance: In colder climates, a weak battery is more prone to failure. Battery inspections become especially crucial before the winter season to ensure the car starts reliably in cold conditions.
  • 8. Safety: Malfunctioning batteries can pose safety risks, including the potential for leaks or even explosions. Regular inspections help identify safety concerns early on.
  • 9. Resale Value: For those looking to sell their used car, having a well-maintained battery can positively influence the vehicle's overall condition and potentially enhance its resale value.

In summary, inspecting the battery of a used car is a proactive measure to ensure reliability, prevent breakdowns, and contribute to the overall longevity and performance of the vehicle. Regular maintenance, including battery inspections, is a fundamental aspect of responsible car ownership.

We provide a battery health report as a PDF. The automated report indicates whether battery replacement is required

In the final report, we provide a detailed overview covering all areas. In the comments box, we write about any additional points to mention and share our overall view of the vehicle


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are a contract between you with "Suresh-Drives". By visiting our website at or ordering an inspection with Suresh-Drives, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. The rights and obligations in your agreement with Suresh-Drives are personal to you, and not transferable to another party. You must be at least 18 years old to order an inspection with Suresh-Drives. If you are under 18 years old or if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions.

  • 1. Nature of Suresh-Drives Inspections When you place your order with Suresh-Drives, you are hiring us to evaluate the overall condition of the designated vehicle, based on what our inspectors can subjectively observe. Suresh-Drives inspectors do not use hoists or tools or dismantle the vehicles. The Suresh-Drives service is a visual inspection of all reasonably accessible items only, and some problems may not be observable during the inspection. The Suresh-Drives inspector will attempt to test drive the vehicle, but if this is not feasible, a test drive will not be conducted. Once the inspection is completed, you will receive a report by email or in WhatsApp, along with a package of photographs of the vehicle.
  • 2. Suresh-Drives Service Limited to Inspection  Suresh-Drives performs inspection services only. Suresh-Drives is not affiliated with the seller of the vehicle and does not take a position on whether you should, or should not, purchase the vehicle. Suresh-Drives does not verify that the seller has the legal right to sell the vehicle. Suresh-Drives is not responsible for any representations made by the seller or any other party.
  • 3. Inspection Is Not An Insurance Policy or Warranty An inspection does not act as a warranty or as an insurance policy for any vehicle. You acknowledge and agree that if you purchase any vehicle inspected by Suresh-Drives, you are fully responsible for all costs for repairs and maintenance on your vehicle, whether or not covered by any other insurance policy or warranty. You acknowledge and agree that the decision to purchase any vehicle remains your own responsibility and that you are responsible for determining whether a vehicle is under warranty or properly insured.
  • 4. Vehicle Remains "As Is" Because the vehicle being inspected is a "used" vehicle, you agree that, even after inspection, you will be purchasing the vehicle in an "as is" condition, unless otherwise warranted by the seller. Because a vehicle's condition may change between the time the inspection is conducted and the actual purchase of the vehicle, we recommend having the inspection completed as close in time to the purchase as possible. The Suresh-Drives report is not a substitute for any safety or emissions inspection that may be required by applicable state laws. You acknowledge and agree that the Suresh-Drives inspection does create any warranty for any vehicle you may purchase and that your right to recover for any defects in the vehicle, whether or not disclosed in the Suresh-Drives report, is limited to any warranty the seller may offer.
  • 5. Factors Affecting Inspections Suresh-Drives inspections may be affected by weather and light conditions, as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle, both inside and out, at the time of the inspection. Many external factors, beyond our control, can reduce the accuracy of the inspection, making things such as repainting and body work difficult to detect with the naked eye. For the most accurate inspection report, the vehicle must be clean, dry and situated in well-lit location at the time of inspection. However, Suresh-Drives does not agree to take any steps or actions affecting the vehicle's condition at the time of the inspection. Suresh-Drives strongly suggests that you contact the seller and make all necessary accommodations to ensure that the vehicle is as clean as possible and available in a suitable location for an inspection.
  • 6. Resolution of Disputes – This Policy and any obligation arising from and in connection with this Policy shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India. Any dispute or difference relating to any of the matters set out in this Policy, and the courts of Kerala shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes relating to this Policy.
  • 8. Cancellation Once your order is placed, all sales are final. Suresh-Drives may decline to undertake the requested inspection, in which case your prepaid inspection fee will be promptly refunded. However, you cannot cancel your order for a refund.
  • 9. Unforeseeable Circumstances You agree that if Suresh-Drives is prevented from the performance of the inspection or report due to circumstances or causes beyond its control, such as computer malfunctions, restrictive laws or regulations, labor disputes, or acts of God, Suresh-Drives is excused from further obligations. Suresh-Drives, in its sole discretion, may cancel such an inspection.
  • 10. Refund Policy after Inspection Report If you believe there are inaccuracies in the inspection report, you must submit them to us (emailed to within seven (7) days for consideration of a refund, include pictures and specific details addressing the issue(s). Due to the complex mechanical nature of automobiles and factors that may affect their continued performance, all submissions must be received by Suresh-Drives within seven (7) days of the report being delivered to you.
  • 11. Endorsements Links provided from our website,, to another website, are not endorsements.
  • 12. Taxes The listed inspection price on our website does not include sales, use, excise or any other applicable taxes. Such taxes, if any apply, will be added to the cost of our service.
  • 13. Contact Information All customer service communications to Suresh-Drives must be addressed to
  • 14. Privacy At Suresh-Drives, we care about our customers' privacy. Suresh-Drives's collection and use of any information is described in and governed by the Privacy Policy ( unless otherwise stated. By purchasing a vehicle inspection through Suresh-Drives you will be providing certain personal information to us. Suresh-Drives will only share your information with our affiliates to carry out the intent of the service you purchased from us or to present you special offers or incentives from our affiliates. We will not share your information with an unaffiliated third party, unless we are required to do so by law.
  • 15. Communications with Inspectors You agree to communicate only with Suresh-Drives about your inspection and to not contact any inspector directly. If you attempt to contact the inspector without Suresh-Drives consent, or attempt to remove Suresh-Drives from the inspection process, Suresh-Drives has the right to cancel the inspection and keep your payment.
  • 16. Other State Laws Some states do not allow the limitation, exclusion or disclaimer of implied warranties or incidental and consequential damages, so the limitations or disclaimers in this agreement may not apply to you.
  • 17. Severability If any section of this agreement is found by competent authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect and for any reason, the validity, legality and enforceability of the unaffected remainder of such section and the remainder of the agreement will continue in effect.
  • 18. No Third Party Inspections By purchasing a Suresh-Drives inspection, you agree that you are purchasing the inspection for your own use and will not resell the inspection to third parties or use the inspection other than for your own evaluation of the vehicle being inspected.

These FAQs are here because we want you to understand how we operate and what you can expect from us. Please feel free to call us at +91 8330881213 if you have questions about any of these FAQs. We want to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone and we look forward to working with you!

Inspectors are out in the field during the day doing inspections. When they get home, after we are closed, that is when they upload their reports. We start reviewing reports at 8:00 am central time and review them one at a time until they are all out. Keep an eye on your email and WhatsApp. You'll receive notification.

Inspections are typically completed within two business days, depending on the inspector's schedule, the seller's schedule, and the weather. Inspections that are completed on Friday will have the report reviewed on Saturday morning, starting at 8:00 am. We do our best to complete inspections by the next business day as long as the seller makes the car available for review and the inspection is ordered early enough the day before. Our hours of operation are M-F 8:00 to 5:00 Central time. Occasionally, the seller's schedule, the inspector's schedule, or the weather may cause a delay. Please note we cannot guarantee a date of an inspection due to factors outside our control. Customers are encouraged to plan accordingly and make arrangements to hold a vehicle if necessary. We have a better chance of getting the inspection done faster, the sooner you place your order. We do not schedule inspections on weekends. Reports cannot be expedited. We do our very best to get them out as soon as possible.

We are a pre-pay service. You pay for the inspection when you place your order. If the vehicle sells before we dispatch an inspector, we will put your order on hold and you can use the amount paid towards inspection of another vehicle.

Because we strive to get inspectors on site very quickly, we begin working on your order immediately. Once your order has been placed we cannot offer a refund. PLEASE BE SURE OF YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. If your vehicle sells before we dispatch an inspector, we will put your order on hold and you can use the amount paid towards inspection of another vehicle. If you purchase a vehicle before we can get to it, we will not offer a cancellation for a refund.

No. We do pre-purchase inspections before you buy the vehicle to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. We do not perform any types of state required inspections. You should contact your Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they can help you.

You will receive an email letting you know when your report is ready to view. We also provide the report in your WhatsApp number. We do not provide hard copies of reports.

When reading your report, make sure that you are looking at the pictures that were taken of the vehicle as well as the written portion. Watch the bottom of the pictures. There may be notes that the inspector left for you on an individual picture. If you use the "download all images" button, those notes will not be there. Downloading the images is just a way for you to save those pictures for your record. If you have questions on how to read your report, please give us a call.

No. Please make sure that the vehicle you hire us to look at is the vehicle you are looking to purchase. If the vehicle sells before the inspector gets to the inspection, as long as the seller hasn't told the inspector to come to the vehicle, your order can be put on hold while you look for a different vehicle.

Used car sellers can be sneaky. Sometimes they will have the vehicle warmed up for us, erase any check engine lights and etc. Because of this, we do try to take them by surprise. Note that this may not be possible with private sellers. Our inspector will call to make sure that the vehicle is still available and then he will show up unexpectedly. We find that we get a much more accurate representation of the vehicle that way.

Yes. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our website is open to take orders 24 hours a day. If you place your order after hours or on the weekend, we will assign your order to the inspector right away the next business day.

For some locations we may charge a Travel expense fee. If the location is more than 100 kilometers distance

No. For logistical reasons, inspectors are not able to place calls from the field. If you have specific concerns that you would like to relay to the inspector, please put those in the Additional Notes section of the order page.

If the vehicle sells before we get there, as long as your seller hasn't told our inspector to come look at the vehicle, we will put your order on hold while you look for another vehicle. When you find another vehicle you'd like us to inspect, we'll transfer the details and send our inspector right away! If the seller shows us the vehicle and then sells it to somebody else, we are not able to put your order on hold. You will receive a report showing the vehicle that you ordered the inspection on. Please make arrangements with the seller to hold the vehicle for you until you can receive your report.

If the seller of the vehicle makes an appointment with the inspector and then doesn't show, you will receive a report with a picture of the location of the vehicle to let you know that the inspector was there to do the inspection. The inspector will call before going to the vehicle to verify that the vehicle is still available.

Our inspector will work with your seller to find out when the repairs to the vehicle will be completed. When the seller notifies the inspector that the vehicle is ready for inspection, the inspector will schedule the inspection for his next availability.

Usually we do not allow customers to be present during this inspection. This is to allow our inspectors to do the best work possible. They need to be able to focus on their work with as few of distractions as possible. In rare cases like you have not seen the vehicle facially before and you also decide to join for the first view (Usually people contact us for inspection after their first view of the vehicle) Remember, our service is designed to help you save time and not have to worry! We'll do all the work here! Just kick back and relax and we'll get your vehicle inspected and write up your report as soon as we can!

No. We do our best to keep any issues from the seller. Unless something major happens during the inspection or the seller is hovering over the inspector during the inspection, our inspectors are trained to make the seller think that everything is going well during the inspection. We do this so that the seller will welcome our inspector to come back and do more inspections.

Please check our sample reports. If you are asking for something specific that isn't on the sample report please call us beforehand or check our FAQs to see if that is something we can accommodate. We will not be notifying you prior to the inspection to let you know if we can or can't accommodate your special request.

We recommend that you send the appropriate sample report to your lender to see if they will accept that report for lending purposes before placing your order.

Yes. We are able to look at auction vehicles. Make sure that you verify first with the auction house that we can come out and look at the vehicle. Some auction houses do not allow inspections. Be aware that some auction houses will not allow a test drive due to the current condition of the vehicle or because the vehicle may be blocked in by other vehicles. Some auction houses do not allow the inspector to bring his camera with him. The best thing to do is to confirm with the auction house what they will allow us to do. Our inspectors will not register to gain entry to an auction.

The used car inspection is not guaranteed because the vehicle is fully assembled for the inspection and the inspector cannot see the internal components of the vehicle, including the transmission or the engine. There is the possibility of impending failures that are not evident at the time of the inspection. In other words, if it is not failing at the time of the inspection, we will not know that it is failing. Therefore, any used car inspection cannot be guaranteed. Suresh-Drives always recommends to see the vehicle to verify it meets your expectations before purchase.

Yes. Cigarette smoke odors can be hidden by sneaky sellers, who use special chemicals that can make the vehicle smell like it has never been smoked in. Even if the inspector doesn't smell it during the inspection, the odor will likely return and return with a vengeance. If we say it doesn't smell like smoke and it does when you get the vehicle, this is why.

Yes. We do our best to check for these items. It's not always possible to see previous accident or flood damage but we do our best.

Yes. We visually look to see if we see anything wrong with the frame. Just because we do not see any damage does not mean that the frame is not bent. The only way to be sure is to have the vehicle put on a frame machine and measured. This is expensive and will need to be brought to a frame specialist.

Yes. We try to look the vehicle over for any signs of aftermarket or factory components that have been added or removed. It is not always possible to verify installed or missing equipment. If there is a specific item you would like us to review, we will attempt to do so upon your request. We will notify you if we are unable to report on your item.

No. This is something that cannot be done in the field. Your vehicle will need to be brought to an emissions testing facility to have this done. If your vehicle is 1996 or newer, we do hook our OBD Scanner up to the vehicle and may be able to see if there is an issue with one of the emission components.

We do not offer an appraisal, but rather, we do a True Market Value assessment of the vehicle. The True Market Value Assessment is an "add-on service" which can be purchased during the order, or any time before your report is delivered. Our expert mechanic takes a detailed look at the vehicle and provides a fair market value based on the condition, age, and a multitude of other factors.

No, we do not do Compression checks. Most sellers would not allow this and due to a liability issue, this will not be performed.

Yes. On hybrid and electric vehicles, we hook up the OBD 2 computer to the vehicle to monitor for any issues regarding the charging system, as well as everything else that we already are looking for during the inspection. If the vehicle is a hybrid, we check to make sure that the battery is taking a charge, and to make sure that the vehicle is switching between the hybrid and gas engine systems without issue. On electric vehicles, we check to make sure that the vehicle is operating without issue on the road test, and that battery is not losing its charge faster than normal. Older batteries tend to fail more frequently than newer batteries. That being said, these batteries do fail, and are expensive to replace once they do. Buying an older, higher mileage, hybrid or electric vehicle can come with some potential risk.

We will test drive the vehicle as long as it is street legal, with a valid insurance, safe to drive, and the seller allows us to drive it. Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Inspectors do too. In some instances, an inspector may not be able to test drive a vehicle, due to size constraints or liability issues, such as commercial vehicle. The vehicle may be test driven by the seller or seller's representative.

Yes. We will look at vehicles that are salvaged due to either flood or accident. We do our best to get the service history from our side, in our Inspection Report you can find out vehicle has any hidden accident, if its reported in company service history can consider it as an evidence, if that claim work done from outside garage need to check the insurance NCB. We have different methods to figure out if something went wrong on a car.

We are a mobile service so our inspectors do not have a way to bring a lift with them to do their inspections. Due to this, the inspector will look under the vehicle using their camera and mirrors. The inspectors are able to see everything under the vehicle that they need to see without a lift. If your vehicle is located at a dealership, check with your salesperson to see if a lift may be available. Be aware, even though they tell you that the inspector can use a lift, they still may not allow it.

We check the functionality of the braking system during the inspection. We do not take the wheels off to inspect the brake pads instead we use the Endoscopy camera to measure the pad thickness.

Unfortunately, most sellers do not allow us to come out and take apart the vehicle to access the timing belt. Unless you have solid proof that the timing belt has been replaced, you need to assume that it has not been done.

Yes. We do check for oil leaks. Unfortunately, sellers can sometimes be sneaky. We have seen instances of seller’s power washing evidence of oil leaks off the underside of the vehicle. Due to this, not all oil leaks can be caught. Even though we test drive the vehicle more than 5 kilometers and we recheck the same with eyes and Endoscopy cameras

We do look for these but without a lift it can be difficult and not always possible. To solve this issues, we use a powerful Automotive endoscopy camera which can reach anywhere and can take photographs.

No. We do a pre-purchase inspection. This does not include emissions testing that is required by some states. We do hook up the OBD2 Scanners to the vehicle if it is 1996 or newer and we will report on any codes found. If you require an emissions test, you will need to contact your MVD.

We do not have a access to check the service history of a car. This is something that you will need to handle with your seller. Because it’s the responsibility of a seller to prove the vehicle has Maintained well.

We will check all the lights during the inspection except for the brake lights. The inspector is out doing the inspection by himself and it is hard to press the brakes and be behind the vehicle to check the brake lights at the same time.

We will check for any obvious aftermarket equipment or modifications to the vehicle and let you know. Not all aftermarket equipment or modifications can be easily seen. Please make sure you confirm with your seller for the presence of any aftermarket equipment or modifications. This is something that you will need to verify with the seller before you order the inspection. Please put in your notes if you are aware of any modifications so the inspector can double check them for you.

If there is a small leak in the A/C system, it is very common for sneaky sellers to top off the freon before we arrive so that the system is working for the inspection. Once we leave, the system continues to leak out and is either not working when it arrives to you, the customer, or is not blowing as cold as it did for us. This is something that is hard to catch because a large A/C machine would be needed to diagnose the leak. This is something that is not feasible to bring to an inspection site. If you are experiencing issues with your A/C system, contact your seller.

No. Suresh-Drives only operates within Kerala. If a vehicle is in a border city, the seller will need to bring the vehicle to the inspector's location in Kerala. Call us if you are looking at a vehicle outside of the Kerala so we can make sure it is coordinated correctly with the inspector.

No. We will be needing the seller's name and phone number to schedule and inspection. If the inspector calls you and then you give him the seller's phone number, that is just making things take longer. Please don't put your name and number in for the vehicle contact unless you have the vehicle in your possession. It makes it so much easier on our end!